Find Confidence in Your Smile!

If you don’t like your smile, it can be hard to really smile with the confidence that gives off a good first impression. Like it or not, your smile is a major part of how you appear to the world, and if you hide it behind a closed mouth or a hand, people notice! If you’re tired of being ashamed of your teeth for any reason, let Dr. Haynes and the rest of our team at Highlands Ranch Smiles help you get the smile of your dreams!

Whether you have crooked teeth, are suffering from discoloration and staining, or want to completely refinish the surface of your smile, our cosmetic services can help you discover a life with the confidence a great smile brings. We’re sure we have the exact service to fit your needs!

Invisible Orthodontic Solutions

Misaligned teeth used to mean years of uncomfortable metal braces. You’d be getting a great smile, but only after years of continued embarrassment! Using today’s technology and sophisticated 3-D modeling techniques, traditional braces are a thing of the past! We can straighten your smile in less time than ever before, and we can do it completely invisibly!

Using Invisalign and Six Month Smiles treatments, we can close gaps, straighten crooked teeth, and beautify your smile in less time than you ever thought possible! Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays to reposition your teeth, while Six Month Smiles uses braces made of clear brackets and invisible wires. No matter which solution you choose, you’ll be able to get a great, straight smile and no one will even know you’re undergoing treatment!

In many cases, our invisible orthodontic solutions will take far less time than traditional braces. This is accomplished by focusing on the teeth that need to be straightened to make your smile look great, eliminating the time spent adjusting each and every one.

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes all you need to get the smile you want is whiter teeth. If that’s the case, we have amazing solutions for you! Using KöR deep bleaching and Zoom! whitening systems, we can give you amazing results that really last!

KöR uses a specially formulated whitening gel that not only gives you several shades of difference in one visit – it also helps your teeth regain their ability to absorb oxygen, a key part of keeping your teeth white! Along with other impressive advantages, KöR can get you an amazingly white smile that lasts far longer than other whitening systems.

Zoom! whitening is our take-home solution, and provides great results after just a few weeks of use! You’ll wear your whitening trays before bed, and soon you’ll have a smile you really love!


If you want a white, bright, and perfectly shaped smile in just a couple of appointments, you’ll probably be very interested in veneers! We offer both traditional porcelain veneers and state-of-the-art Lumineers, both of which can get you a great smile without the need for time-intensive and long-term procedures!

Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens and can work miracles on your teeth often without any preparatory work! Traditional veneers, which we also offer, require the removal of a thin layer of your teeth’s natural enamel, but Lumineers are so thin that they’ll look completely natural without prep work!

You’ll be in and out of your chair before you know it, and in just one quick follow-up visit, we’ll permanently place your veneers. You’ll be ready to show off the smile you’ve always wanted!

By offering these and other cosmetic solutions, we’ll be able to restore your confidence, boost your desire to smile, and make everyone around you amazed at your great new look! Don’t wait another day to discover how Highlands Ranch Smiles can transform your life – call us today at 720-644-8186! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We’ll see you soon!


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