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Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month ? We all want to do what’s best for our kids, so what better way is there to take care of your kids’ smiles than taking them to a great family dentist?


Of course, you want to keep things simple as well. Imagine all the benefits you’d get from having just one trusted dentist for your whole family.


Dr. Haynes and the team at Highlands Ranch Smiles pledge to treat your family just like they were members of their own family. We offer many services in our dental office, and we’d love to be your one source for family dentistry in Highlands Ranch.


Save Time and Money With a Single Dentist

If you’re a parent you certainly understand what it’s like being a taxi driver and errand runner. Your son needs a ride to basketball practice. Your daughter is late to her violin lesson. Somewhere in there, you’re supposed to pick up your spouse’s dry cleaning.


Wouldn’t it be nice if going to the dentist was one less thing you had to worry about driving all over town for? It can be.


As soon as your child’s first tooth comes in, they can become our newest patient! And we’ll keep seeing them for life. Our comprehensive dentistry services include:



We’ll take care of your entire family’s dental needs right here. Plus, if you have more than one child, with one call you can make all their appointments at the same time!


Why not call our office today at 303-536-5411 to set appointments for your family?


Enjoy the Ease of One Dentist For Everybody

Have you ever called your child’s doctor to ask a question and they don’t have a record of your child? They have no idea who you’re talking about.


After you get off the phone you realize what happened – you called the wrong doctor for that child.


That’s a problem you can run into if your kids each have their own dentist. You can forget which dentist goes with which child.


Why not make things simple and just have one dentist for everybody, including yourself? Our convenient location near the intersection of South University Boulevard and East Highlands Ranch Parkway makes it easy to let us care for every smile in the family. You’ll eliminate some hassle from your life, and you may even save a little bit of hair.


Keep Your Family’s Dental Records Straight

With one phone call you can update or transfer the entire family’s dental records. You won’t have to look up phone numbers or addresses because you’ll know just who to call – us!


Having different dentists for different kids means you have dental records scattered all over town. If you ever have to access those records – or move them to a new dentist out of state – it could be a pain.


If we keep your family’s complete dental records securely stored at our practice, you’ll know exactly where to go to find them.


Enjoy Peace of Mind With Trusted Care

Most people like to find a good barber or hair stylist and stick with them. After all, that professional knows you and how you like your hair done. You can trust them to take care of you without worry.


The same should and could be true of your dentist. We enjoy seeing our small patients grow up into bigger patients. We’ve gotten to know them – and understand their dental histories – over the years. Our patients trust us to do what’s best for them and their smiles. They know we won’t recommend some service to them they don’t need.


You can have the same peace of mind with Highlands Ranch Smiles as you do with your hair professional, your plumber, or your CPA. If you’re like most people, eliminating even a little bit of stress in your life is a big benefit.


The fact is, you can have more than one dentist for your family, but why would you? Why would you want to make a separate trip for each child for each dental visit? Why would you want the hassle of keeping up with both your and your spouse’s dentist’s phone numbers?


We didn’t think you would. For great family dentistry in Highlands Ranch give our friendly office a call today at 303-536-5411. Start enjoying all the benefits of a single dentist for everybody!

Getting great dental care in Highlands Ranch doesn’t have to be a challenge – schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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