The Ongoing Gift Of Healthy Smiles

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We hope you and your family have lots of reasons to smile this Christmas season. We know that nothing makes parents feel better than seeing children’s faces light up when they unwrap a gift they truly want.

We want to help you keep your family smiling this Christmas and for many Christmases to come. Our pediatric dentistry can help your loved ones keep their healthy smiles.

At Highlands Ranch Smiles, our goal is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. When needed, we want to treat those problems as soon as possible.

And we want to take time to teach your children about good oral health habits to practice at home.

But we can’t do any of those things unless you make plans to visit our dentist office in Highlands Ranch, CO. You can schedule appointments by contacting us online or by calling (720) 644-8186.


Healthy Smiles Start At Home

We know that this is something that you already know, but it’s worth reminding ourselves what a good oral hygiene routine should include from time to time.

You know that you and your family should brush and floss your teeth, but how often should you do those things? According to the American Dental Association, you should brush twice a day and floss once daily.

Each time you brush, you should scrub your teeth for two minutes, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride. It’s important to clean your teeth on all sides.

Now ask yourself, do you brush for two minutes each time?

How about your kids? Do you think they brush for two minutes each time?

For the next week or so, have your kids look at a clock with a second hand or a stopwatch while brushing. This can help them (and you) better understand what two minutes of brushing feel like.

Flossing is something you and your kids should be doing daily as well, but many kids (and adults) have trouble using dental floss. Another option is to use flossers, which you can find in many toothpaste aisles. Flossers have short handles with a strand of floss on one end. Many children have an easier time using them to clean the spaces between their teeth.

Remember that flossing is the best way to remove bacteria, plaque, and food particles from places that toothbrushes don’t clean very well.


How We Help With Your Family’s Healthy Smiles

First and foremost, we hope you and your family will visit us at least two times in the coming year for professional dental cleanings.

Believe it or not, kids don’t always do what they are supposed to do. That includes brushing and flossing like they should.

A professional dental cleaning is a way to remove plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to cavities and gum disease. Routine dental care also makes it more likely that we will find decay or gum infections early when they can be treated more easily.

Professional cleanings and exams are important, but they aren’t the only reasons to bring your kids to our dentist office a couple times each year.

As children start losing primary teeth and their permanent teeth come in, we want to monitor the changes in their mouths. This includes both a visual check and X-rays. This can help you and your children prepare if they need orthodontic treatment as they get older.

As part of our preventive dentistry , we offer a few more services that help maintain healthy smiles.

Many parents will get dental sealants for their children. Sealants act as a barrier that covers kids’ teeth. By getting sealants, you are adding a layer of protection between your kids’ smiles and bacteria that cause cavities.

Fluoride treatments can help for a different reason. Fluoride is a mineral. When it is applied to teeth, it helps to make enamel stronger. Fluoride can even repair the minor damage before it turns into a cavity in some cases.

Last, but not least, we can create athletic mouthguards for all the budding superstars in your family. We know how popular sports are in and around Highlands Ranch, CO. We also know that mouthguards should be worn far more often and during far more sports than most people realize.

By getting custom-fitted mouthguards for your kids, you are greatly reducing the odds that they may suffer a broken or knocked-out tooth.


We Hope To See Your Healthy Smiles Soon

Contact us online or call (720) 644-8186 today to schedule your family’s next appointment at Highlands Ranch Smiles.

Getting great dental care in Highlands Ranch doesn’t have to be a challenge – schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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