Don’t Forget Your Back-to-School Dental Cleanings!

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The start of the school year is always a crazy time for everyone! It’s especially busy for us here at Highlands Ranch Smiles, as families recognize the importance of healthy, beautiful smiles for their kids. In all the busyness this time of year brings, have you considered dental cleanings for your kids? If not, we’re here to help! And we can do more than just cleanings to get your children’s smiles looking great for school.

Call our Highlands Ranch, CO dentists today to schedule appointments before school starts. If we can’t get you in before then, we have convenient hours as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. during the week. You can schedule around work and school!

Dental Cleanings Put That Shine Back into Your Child’s Smile

Kids are prone to cavities, even those who follow a consistent oral hygiene routine at home (brushing twice daily and flossing once). About half of kids 11 and under have tooth decay, and the number gets higher as kids get older. (Around 90 percent of all people will get at least one cavity!)

Kids aren’t super great at cleaning their teeth, and they tend to eat a lot of sweets and snacks throughout the day. Knowing all that, we provide excellent preventive dental care for kids, with one of the most important being dental cleanings . This gives our hygienists a chance to really clear all the plaque and tartar buildup from your kids’ teeth. We recommend every six months since that buildup can quickly lead to cavities.

Dr. Haynes, Dr. McKeever, or Dr. McCabe will also take a look at your child’s mouth for any problems. They’ll use digital X-ray images to get a clear idea of any complications, like tooth decay.

Our team is great with kids, which is why we see so many! If they have questions about brushing and flossing or even tooth-friendly foods, please encourage them to ask! We’re also happy to discuss this with you.

If needed, we’ll even add more cavity protection with fluoride and dental sealants. Then we’ll polish your child’s teeth and send them on their way with their shiny smile! A healthy, clean smile goes a long way in creating confidence in their appearance and general well-being.

If your child is a new patient, ask about our free exam and X-ray special when you call to make an appointment!

Wisdom Tooth Removal Prevents & Relieves Pain

There aren’t many Highlands Ranch family dentists who can handle wisdom tooth removal, much less impacted wisdom teeth. In most cases, they will send you to a specialist. At Highlands Ranch Smiles, our dentists completed additional training to be able to offer this right here in our office! By seeing us, you and your teen can expect some great benefits:

  • Saving time from having to visit a specialist and dealing with finances and insurance there
  • Saving money in many cases
  • Choosing sedation options for complete relaxation
  • Getting painless anesthesia with The Wand
  • Being entertained with wireless headphones to listen to music or watch TV shows
  • Getting great care by a team who knows your child

When your teen comes for regular checkups, we always look at their wisdom tooth development. We’ll know from our digital X-rays whether those teeth need to be removed, and if so, when the time is right.

Help your teen out by taking care of this sooner rather than later. Waiting too long can create pain, discomfort when eating, a much higher risk of infection, tooth misalignment, and a more complicated surgery later on.

Invisalign for Teens Boosts Smiles & Self-Esteem

Some preteens and young teens are happy with braces, especially if they can choose colored bands that lend a little personality to their smile. Other teens, especially older ones, don’t want to draw attention to themselves, and they don’t want to feel like a kid wearing noticeable metal braces.

Invisalign can solve both problems and much more! Our dentists have trained in this clear orthodontic system that offers:

  • Clear, barely noticable aligners that your teen can wear and still smile with confidence – in person or in photos
  • Removable aligners that come out when they eat – so no diet restrictions or embarrassment over food stuck in braces!
  • Easy hygiene routine – no special devices required
  • The same straightening power as braces in many cases
  • Often less time for treatment than metal braces (around 12-18 months is normal)
  • Similar cost to braces
  • Less trips for progress checkups than metal braces require and no trips for wire adjustments, so less time away from class
  • Smile preview before treatment and many payment options that make orthodontics affordable for parents

Go ahead and schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss this amazing treatment for your teen (parents love it too!).

Tooth-Colored Fillings Hide Evidence of Dental Decay

If we determine your child has a cavity, the most conservative, common way to fix it is with a dental filling. We use a DIAGNOdent handheld electronic device to look for cavities, and our digital X-rays are great for seeing details too.

No one wants a dark metal filling in their mouth. It’s embarrassing in photos and around people, and it basically shouts out that you’ve had dental problems. That’s why we offer composite fillings. Our dentists match your child’s filling to their tooth color so that the solution blends right in. These tooth-colored fillings are also more conservative than metal fillings since we don’t have to remove as much healthy tooth structure to replace them. Removing too much can mean your child will need a crown for that tooth when the filling gets old.

Build a healthier, happier smile and a healthier, happier kiddo this school year! Call our Highlands Ranch, CO dentist office today at 720-644-8186 or contact us online . We can’t wait to help!

Getting great dental care in Highlands Ranch doesn’t have to be a challenge – schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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