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Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatments are not performed in order to inflict pain upon patients who’ve become lax with their oral health hygiene routine. Rather, they are delivered to remove painful infections from a patient’s teeth. As such, it’s important to come to see a professional if you are experiencing dental pain that might be the result of an infected tooth. Keep reading to hear more about it, and then be sure to call us at 720-644-8186 to request your next dental appointment or consultation at our Highlands Ranch, CO dentists’ office.

An Infectious Smile

Here’s what usually happens: a tooth becomes infected when dangerous bacteria is allowed to reach all the way to the pulp, which is a soft connective tissue on the inside of each tooth. How does that work? It is often a result of undiagnosed or untreated tooth decay. It can also be due to gum disease or as a side-effect of an injury that caused a tooth to break or crack.

The pulp resides in the pulp chamber in the center of the tooth and in the root canals, which are the openings in your roots where nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth. Makes sense, right?

When that oral bacteria gets to the pulp, it can become infected and inflamed. This will put pressure on the nerves, causing you to experience one or more of the following issues:

▪︎ Severe toothaches

▪︎ Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold

▪︎ Sensitivity to sweet stuff

▪︎ Direct pain when you are chewing or biting

▪︎ Tender gum tissue

▪︎ Off-color teeth

What Does A Root Canal Treatment Entail?

Remember, root canal procedures are done to preserve your natural tooth and to restore it too full functionality. If it hurts too much to bite and chew fiber-rich foods, you can’t really expect to stay healthy overall, either.

The root canal process is simple. The dentist will begin by creating an opening in the infected tooth and will then start removing the pulp as well as the blood vessels and nerves. After sanitizing the inside of the tooth, we will fill the tooth with a rubbery material (called gutta percha) as a permanent placeholder.

The last part of the treatment involves sealing the tooth with a dental filling or dental crown. This is a way to protect against any future infections and it allows you to be able to bite and chew the food you love in a pain-free way again.

Is A Pain-Free Root Canal Even Possible?

The fear that a particular dental treatment will be painful causes many patients to just ignore their problems. That is never a good idea. Lucky for you, we have ways of addressing that concern before we even start your root canal treatment.

This is where relaxation dentistry comes in handy. We have multiple offerings that will put you in a relaxed state to the point where you won’t feel any pain throughout your procedure, or remember too much about it, if you’re utilizing the deeper method.

If we’re being honest, you might feel some soreness as you recover from the root canal treatment, but that should go away after a few days. And, trust us, that minor amount of discomfort is nothing compared to pain of an untreated tooth infection. Once it has passed, you’ll be smiling big again for many years to come.

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