Premium Dental Care Right in Highlands Ranch!

At Highlands Ranch Smiles, we’re dedicated to providing you with great care in an environment that is truly welcoming and comfortable. You may be looking for somewhere to perfect your smile, restore missing teeth, or just get great care for you and your family, all of which we can provide!

Doctors Michelle Haynes and Courtney McKeever both provide excellent care that is centered on you, our patient! Our caring, compassionate style of dentistry will help you not only feel comfortable in our dental chairs but also confident in the results we’ll create! Coupled with our team of amazing dental professionals, we’re sure we can give you a great dental care experience!

Our Practice Philosophy

We work hard at our Highlands Ranch office so that you and your family can get great care! But that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun at our office and create a great environment for you to enjoy!

We believe that dental care isn’t just about the work you have done while sitting in our chairs, but extends to every moment we interact with you! From the day you call to schedule your first appointment until you’re scheduling your next one, we believe that the entire experience should exceed your expectations!

What We’ve Done

All of our staff are local to Highlands Ranch and nearby communities. As part of being engaged in our community, we try to make a positive impact through dentistry and any other charitable care we can provide. We’ve supported numerous causes, such as Dentistry From The Heart and the American Transplant Foundation, and we continue to find more ways to give back to our community!

We’ve also been recognized for our great care by the Best Of The Best in 2014 and 2015! We were awarded for both our dentistry and cosmetic services – you’re in good hands with us!

Our Newsletter

We send out a monthly newsletter to whoever wants it! We include some great information for our patients, such as dental care tips, news about our practice, doctors, and staff, and other great ways to stay connected to your dental care team and our office! Please subscribe to find out about everything going on at our practice!

We are committed to providing you with great care – that’s our number one goal. It doesn’t matter what you need – we’ll always find a way to provide great care that you can rely on, all available in one place! If you’re ready to experience the Highlands Ranch Smiles difference firsthand, don’t wait another day to schedule an appointment for you or your family members! Call us today at 720-644-8186 or request an appointment using our online form. We hope to see you soon!


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