Tetyana H.

My kids were four and two and a half at the time of their first visit here. It’s quite entertaining to watch them when they work with our kids, because they turn it into a game. They make it very easy and I think at some points they don’t even realize that they’re getting anesthesia. It’s a game for them. They wiggle their toes and fingers and close their eyes and think that it’s a game for which they’re going to get a little reward in the end and the treasure chest is a huge perk for my kids. It’s definitely fun. Regular cleanups and checkups, they had some cavities filled. Also, my son had an accident. He bumped his handlebar from his bike into his face and lost half of his permanent tooth up front.

That was kind of an emergency and they were able to get him in right away, and fix it right there and then, and were trying to comfort me, and give me the best prognosis possible, and so far it’s been great, you can’t even tell. My kids actually get upset with me if I don’t take them with me. That’s how much they like it. I don’t know, call it weird. That usually doesn’t happen with other dentist offices, but they definitely love coming here. There’s a huge family feel to this place. We definitely feel welcomed, we definitely feel taken care of. Everything’s very quick, very efficient. The cleanliness of the place is amazing. It just feels good to be in a place like this, for sure. I would definitely recommend it to other people.

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