Ellisa H.

They’ve been there forever, you know, over 40 years. Eventually the silver fillings have to get replaced because they crack and infection gets underneath them, so that’s what they did. They took out my silver fillings and I needed two caps, and they replaced, I think, another filling with porcelain, which is weird because my mouth has always been silver. Never had an issue. The minute they put them in they stay there and it’s never felt like anything other than my original tooth went back. It was painless. They’re so conscientious of who you are. I mean, they have music, they have movies. You could do whatever you want, so you don’t have to pay attention that the drilling is going on or whatever. I mean, it’s just really nice, they care, which is rare.

I trust that they’ll do that right thing. I trust and I leave it to them to tell me when something needs to be done, and when it does, then we do it. They don’t push everything at once, where that’s what I had gotten. And, you know, moving to a new state, and like that, it’s nerveracking getting new doctors, especially dentists. But I’m glad I found them. It was just a life-altering experience, if you like dentists. But they’re just amazing. They work together, nobody is in competition. It’s just friendly and it’s pleasant and the work is hands down the best. They’re amazing, they’re just amazing; fell in love.

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