Dan D.

I had a bridge here, it was put in a number of years ago. A lot of years ago. It was deteriorating and so they suggested that it be replaced. First of all, they told me I didn’t have to do anything right away. Secondly, if I delayed it, the problems would get worse. There was no way that it could be mitigated just with cleaning and regular care, that it had to be addressed, sooner probably rather than later. But it didn’t have to be immediate. There was no pressure that, “Oh, you need to have the bridge right now or your mouth is going to fall apart.” It was, “It needs to be done. Let’s do it when it’s convenient for you, but let’s not wait too long.” It’s like there was never any change. If they didn’t tell me they put a new bridge in, I wouldn’t have known they put a new bridge in. It was that seamless.

I’ve had zero problems since I came here. I’m a gas guy, which is a little bit of a joke here. When they do the shots, you never feel it and then, no, there’s never any pain. The comfort level of coming here is unlike anything I’ve ever had before, and I had good dentists back in Seattle. Very good. Dr. Beth was excellent. This is better. That’s why I tell everyone, you need a good dentist, go to Highlands Branch Smiles. Plus, the things they do in the community are excellent. They’re good neighbors.

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