Cindy D.

I have always been told through the years, I’m not going to tell you how old I am, but through the years I’ve been told that because I had tetracycline stains on my teeth, that I could not have them whitened.

I came here and they told me, “Sure! We can whiten those teeth for you,” and they did with the Core Whitening treatment. They’re just white. They’re beautiful. You didn’t see them before, but before they had the yellow tetracycline stains and they said, “Yes, we can take care of that,” and they did. I’m like, “This is fabulous.”

I had always been told that I could not have my teeth straightened. I had one tooth that was crooked. It was this one and it was crooked. It stuck out. Other people would not have noticed, but I did. Every picture that I saw, I looked right at that tooth. I’m like, “This is terrible,” and it would catch on my lip. Of course, other dentists would tell me, “It’s fine. There’s nothing we can do,” so when I came here, they told me, “Yes, we can take care of that with the Invisalign.”

I started the process and it was easy because you just put the trays in and you have to faithfully leave them in. I mean, you can’t take them out a lot, but easy process and with the Invisalign, people didn’t even know I had them in. That was great. It took a year and a half. I just finished and it’s amazing because I really want to smile now. I want my picture taken because they’re straight and they look great.

It’s never too late. I would tell everyone out there it is never, ever too late to get that smile that you want and that you should come here. It’s one of the friendliest dental practices I have ever walked into. Like I said before, everyone smiles with their face and they smile with their voices and they’re very happy to be here. They’re extremely professional and they’re up to date on all manner of dental care. They’re always up to date. It’s just wonderful.

I used to be very afraid of dentists. They make sure I’m comfortable, that I don’t have any pain when they’re doing my crown or filling in a cavity, anything like that. They’re very conscientious.

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