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Our patients have great things to say about our Highlands Ranch, CO dentist office! And it’s no wonder, given our three talented doctors, compassionate staff, and full range of dental services for your family, including:

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Cindy D.

I have always been told through the years, I'm not going to tell you how old I am, but through the years I've been told that because I had tetracycline stains on my teeth, that I could not have them whitened. I came here and they told me, "Sure! We can whiten those teeth for you," and they did with the Core Whitening ...

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Ellisa H.

They've been there forever, you know, over 40 years. Eventually the silver fillings have to get replaced because they crack and infection gets underneath them, so that's what they did. They took out my silver fillings and I needed two caps, and they replaced, I think, another filling with porcelain, which is weird ...

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Dan D.

I had a bridge here, it was put in a number of years ago. A lot of years ago. It was deteriorating and so they suggested that it be replaced. First of all, they told me I didn't have to do anything right away. Secondly, if I delayed it, the problems would get worse. There was no way that it could be mitigated just ...

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Tetyana H.

My kids were four and two and a half at the time of their first visit here. It's quite entertaining to watch them when they work with our kids, because they turn it into a game. They make it very easy and I think at some points they don't even realize that they're getting anesthesia. It's a game for them. They wiggle ...

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