Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth in Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Smiles : Child’s First Dental Visit in Colorado

If your child is approaching their first birthday or has already had their first tooth come in, you should be preparing them for their first trip to the dentist. It can be a stressful thing for both you and your young one, so be sure you’re ready for everything that you’ll both experience!

The initial visit that your child has will be a basic one. Since they will have only one or two teeth, we’ll mainly just perform an inspection of their mouth and check for any potential trouble spots that need to be watched. While this part is simple, there are still a lot of things to be discussed, all of which we’ll take care of at that first visit!

What To Expect

It’s very common for children to be scared of the dentist – someone they don’t know sits them in a chair, shines a bright light on them, and starts poking around in their mouth – not pleasant! We’ll work hard to make your child’s visit a good one, but there are things you can do to help make sure they come to their appointment feeling confident and comfortable.

  • Bring your child to dental appointment or two before they have theirs. This will give them a chance to experience the office and our environment, meet the staff, and become more familiar with dental tools and treatment. It also helps to have your child see that you are going through treatment as well – this can help them realize that the dentist is there to help!
  • If you aren’t able to bring your child to an appointment with you, it can still be beneficial to visit us with them at some time before their appointment. The key to making a child’s dental care experience a good one is to make them familiar with the environment and importance of care!
  • Emphasize good care at home, and talk about how important healthy teeth are. By discussing dental care and oral health, you are preparing your child for the experience and helping them understand how essential it is to good health. The dentist is just another doctor who helps protect them and keep them safe!

Planning Your Child’s Care

Just like any other patient, we’ll want to keep a close eye on your child’s oral health. This means scheduling regular Six Month visits, where we’ll visually inspect and perform any necessary cleaning that your child needs.

As your young one gets older, we’ll start performing regular cleanings and exams. The time frame for this can vary based on the development and health of your child’s teeth, so we’ll discuss any changes in their dental care as it develops.

Your child’s first dental visit sets them up for a lifetime of good health and constructive habits. Don’t let your child grow up without understanding the importance of good care! Call Highlands Ranch Smiles today to schedule their first appointment! You can reach us at 720-644-8186 or by filling out our online appointment form. We’ll see you soon!


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