Preventive Dentistry

Protect Your Smile and Prevent Future Pain!

Highlands Ranch Smiles : Preventive Dentistry in Colorado

A lot of patients think that dentistry is a reactive process – you schedule an appointment when something goes wrong, and we fix it. That’s hardly the case, however, as one of the biggest parts of dentistry is proactively cleaning and protecting your teeth with preventive dentistry!

Preventive care involves any dental services that aim to stop damage before it can start. We offer a wide variety of preventive services to help protect your smile and help you avoid costly and painful situations later in life!

Cleanings and Exams

A regular dental cleaning and exam schedule is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy! We use a variety of techniques and state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and address any problems we find, preventing damage and harm to your teeth!

We can detect cavities with our DIAGNOdent laser, get advanced 3-D scans of your mouth using our panoramic scanner, and take clear, detailed digital X-rays that show us more than any old film-based system can! We also check for oral cancer and examine your gums for any signs of periodontal disease.

Dental Sealants

No one is more familiar with your mouth than you are, so you know you have deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of your molars. It’s very easy for plaque to find a nice brushing-resistant spot to hide in those grooves, which can easily lead to tooth decay!

Dental sealants are made of a plastic blend that is applied to your chewing surfaces while soft and then hardened with a special light. They’re quick, affordable, and can prevent some of the most common cavities! Sealants are ideal for younger patients with new adult teeth, but we can apply them to adults as well!

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is well known for its ability to rebuild the enamel that is lost from your teeth over time. Plaque bacteria produce acids that eat away at your enamel, but by building your enamel back up over time, you can reverse the damage before it starts to cause decay!

We offer fluoride as a gel and a varnish. The gel is poured into a tray that is placed in your mouth for several minutes so that it can take effect. Varnish is brushed on to your teeth and acts over a longer period of time. Both are very effective as a part of preventive care!

Mouthguards and Nightguards

We can create a variety of nightguards and mouthguards for several situations!

  • Athletic mouthguards can be made in a variety of colors and styles and are custom fit to provide a superior level of protection!
  • Snoreguards can help you and those you love get a good night’s sleep! Our snoreguards will reposition your jaw in a natural position that will prevent it and your tongue from blocking your airway.
  • TMJ treatment nightguards can help your muscles relax and can also be used to treat nighttime bruxism, or teeth grinding! We’ll custom craft your guard to do a great job!

Nutritional Counseling

If needed, we can help you learn all about the contents of your food so that your diet becomes more tooth-friendly! We’ll help you determine which foods to limit and will answer any questions you have about diet or oral hygiene habits that you may need to include as part of your daily regimen.

Our preventive dentistry services are a key part of maintaining a healthy mouth. If you want to feel confident and secure in your oral health, don’t delay scheduling an appointment with us! Call our Highlands Ranch office at 720-644-8186 or schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to helping you!


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