Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautify Your Smile in Highlands Ranch!

Get that perfect smile with our advanced cosmetic dentistry in Colorado. Drs. Michelle Haynes, Courtney McKeever, and our entire team at Highlands Ranch Smiles have the right training, qualifications, and experience to redesign and improve the features of your smile. With combined expertise and knowledge, our Highlands Ranch cosmetic dental practice will transform your teeth into an asset.

Highlands Ranch Smiles offers a range of advanced dental treatments to achieve an award-winning smile, whether you’re in need of conservative restoring or a complete smile makeover.


Lumineers are veneers that are as thin as contact lenses. One of the main benefits of using Lumineers is they conceal stained and yellow teeth without the need for costly regular bleaching. Even dark tetracycline stains can be masked completely with sparkling white veneers.

Lumineers involve a painless procedure; it does not require drilling, tooth reduction, or a temporary, which means you can sit comfortably in our dental chair while undergoing the procedure. It is also a reversible and non-invasive procedure. Minor polishing and enamel recontouring, however, may be necessary in some cases.

KöR Teeth Whitening

Of the many available options to whiten teeth, only a handful can provide results that wow everybody. One such option is KöR teeth whitening.

Get amazing white teeth today by setting an appointment with our clinic. This bleaching system, developed by renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rod Kurthy, is considered safe, effective, and reliable. It uses special whitening gels and custom-fit trays to give you an incredibly white smile that really lasts!

Don’t wait for your teeth to become darker or more stained. This procedure is perfect for anyone hoping for a whiter smile. What are you waiting for? Dump your old, imperfect, and dark smile and trade it in for much better, KöR whitened teeth!

Orthodontic Solutions

Want straight teeth but don’t want to wear braces? We have both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles systems available, both of which can get you an amazing smile in less time and with a focus on cosmetics! Better yet, both systems do so while being practically invisible!

Our cosmetic dentistry procedures will not only transform your smile but will also keep your dental health in optimum condition. We will help you make well-informed decisions for your dental treatments and will be more than happy to discuss possible options to preserve the appearance and function of your teeth.

Don’t wait for another day to get the smile you’ve always wanted! Call us today at 720-644-8186 or make an appointment using our online form for cosmetic dentistry. We hope to see you soon!


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