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Your son is growing up. He looks more like a man every day.

He still makes mistakes, but you can see how he is maturing physically and emotionally.

You also know that being a teenager today is a lot different than it was when you were growing up. You remember getting braces and how uncomfortable they were.

Sure people took your picture, but you didn’t grow up with social media and “selfies.” Your picture wasn’t being posted online where hundreds, if not thousands, of people could see it almost instantly.

You understand why you had to wear braces. You appreciate that they gave you a nicer smile, but you also would have appreciated a more discreet and more comfortable way of getting those same results.

To put it another way, you probably would have appreciated something like Invisalign®.

If you live in or near Highlands Ranch, CO, then you — or your son — is in luck. We do offer Invisalign at our dentist office, Highlands Ranch Smiles.

What Invisalign Can Do

Invisalign can fix almost all the same issues that braces can.

If your son has crooked teeth, Invisalign can make them straighter. If your son has gaps between his teeth, Invisalign can close those spaces.

If your son has an overbite or underbite, Invisalign can help with those, too.

Invisalign can help practically anyone who has mild or moderate alignment issues, and many if not most of our patients who seek orthodontic care would fall into those categories.

A Little Push In The Right Direction

While Invisalign can produce results comparable to braces, these two systems work very differently.

Braces start with the brackets are attached to the patient’s teeth. At one time, metal brackets were the only option, but today, patients can get ceramic braces that are somewhat less noticeable than the metal ones.

After the brackets are attached, a wire (called an archwire) connects the brackets together. The wire helps to guide the movement of your teeth. Sometimes you may have small rubber bands (elastics) to assist in pushing and pulling your teeth.

Your son won’t have any brackets or wire when you use Invisalign. Instead, an impression of his teeth provides the foundation for a series of aligners that are created by using computer design.

Your son will wear each aligner for 22 hours per day for a couple weeks before switching to the next aligner in the sequence. Each aligner pushes his teeth a little closer to being straight.

Better Than Braces?

Well, we that’s something only you can decide. If you wore braces, then you know the disadvantages.

You could not remove them until your treatment was over. They hurt when you got them, and they hurt each time they were adjusted.

You couldn’t eat certain foods. (At least, there were certain foods you weren’t supposed to eat.) Hard and crunchy foods had the potential to cause your brackets to come loose or break your wires. Chewy and sticky foods could pull on your wire and brackets.

And you have to be vigilant to make sure food didn’t get stuck in your braces or between your braces and your teeth. That could make brushing and flossing more like a chore.

Your son could have a very different experience with Invisalign.

You probably noticed that we wrote that he would need to wear the aligners for 22 hours per day — 22, not 24.

That leaves two hours when he can remove his aligners to eat the foods that he likes. It also means that he can brush and floss his teeth like he does today.

He will feel the aligners gently pushing on his teeth when he switches to a new one, but this isn’t the same as having braces adjusted.

And we almost forgot to mention: the aligners are transparent.

Each aligner is made of a clean plastic. When they are placed on his teeth, most people won’t notice them.

This means he won’t have to feel self-conscious about his braces, and he can smile for his next selfie knowing that he — not his orthodontic care — will be the thing that people notice in the photo.

Learn More Together

To find out if your son is a good candidate for Invisalign, schedule a consultation at Highlands Ranch Smiles. Our dentists can examine his teeth and let you know if plastic aligners can give him results that he will want to see.

Start by calling 720-644-8186 or by filling out our online form to make an appointment.

Getting great dental care in Highlands Ranch doesn’t have to be a challenge – schedule an appointment with us today! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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